Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 210 - School Gala

Well, we survived the school Gala performance. Thank goodness it's a biennial event. This year was particularly disappointing. Lots more marketing for the school, and less entertainment. Yes, there were some good moments, but if I hear the words 'leadership', 'mentor' or 'humbling' again, I think I'll scream. The word 'humble' has become misinterpreted and overused. Somehow, sports commentators are humbled when watching a game, and many other people are humbled daily. How can we all be so humble?

At least the drive into the city was enjoyable.


  1. If you would like to know my humble opinion, I humbly acknowledge that recent encounters of an etymological nature, have been truly humbling.I remain humbly bumbly yours, Pam
    sorry, couldn't help it ;-)

  2. Ha ha, Pam, are we losing it already? In week 3?