Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 117 - Have I lost my marbles?

Well, not completely, but I couldn't think of another title. Now I'm sitting here and staring at this photo, not sure what to say about it. You see, there are days (many days) when I have no ideas what to photograph. Or days when I have a picture but nothing to say about it. I could reminisce about playing marbles as a child. But I didn't do much of that. I did, however, play knuckles. With real bones, probably from a chicken. Boy, did they hurt when they landed on the knuckles. Do you remember lots of playground games in your primary school years. I remember the whole yard teeming with kids playing with skipping ropes, elastics or hoola hoops. Not to mention the songs that were accompanied by intricate hand clapping. We were always moving. Speaking of moving, horror of horrors, I got my third speeding ticket in just over a week. I think it's some kind of plot.


  1. Okay, no more fine puns, this does suggest some sort of conspiracy! You have my sympathy.
    I certainly do remember all those schoolyard games but I was also obsessed by swapcards - either bundled together by an elastic band or carefully displayed in an album. Pairs were especially prized, particularly gold edged cards. In secondary school I started collecting Beatles pics - but that's another story.

  2. Maybe it's time to slow down and enjoy the scenery (lots to photograph). But I know how hard it is to stay under 50k - fortunately I haven't been caught.
    One game I remember from childhood is hopscotch - we always carried our favourite item for throwing that would slide just right to the square we needed. - Marbles I remember more for Chinese checkers.

  3. Yes, I remember all of what you say about swap cards, Pam. I wonder where mine are now. You've reminded me of pairs and the gold-edged cards.

    Yes, Susan, hopscotch was popular. I know, I need to slow down. Will I ever learn. Meanwhile I went through an amber light today that changed to red, and I'm scared I'll get another fine. And lose my license.

  4. Wow - look at all of those lovely reflections from the light - very cool!