Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 97 - Music camp

Just back from music camp, and 15 year old got straight onto the piano for a little improvisation. I do love to hear music in the house. Not to mention variety - one son likes classical music and the other one likes jazz and contemporary music. Luckily nobody likes country and western.


  1. I know what you mean. When our son stays with us (periodically) it's music non stop, from a variety of instruments - and a mixture of classical, jazz and modern. I miss him when he's at his other house in Warburton.You're lucky to have 2 musical sons - I suppose they would jam together?

  2. Actually, they don't jam. I just asked why not, and the answer is that they don't sync. Maybe the age difference. Also, one is more comfortable with classical, whereas the other one, often critical and bossy, prefers jazz.

  3. Fair enough although it seems rather a lost opportunity. Still I can imagine bossiness being rather off putting. Oh btw, the Greeks celebrate Pascha next week too -we'll be painting eggs and feasting up after out lentil soup on Friday and practising our "Christos Anesti" greetings for Sunday.