Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 228 - Just another Sunday

One thing about the 365 photos challenge - it's challenging! How original can photos be when day after day a different photo has to be found? Often by the end of the day I have NOTHING of interest, and so I'm forced to scan every inch of the house, seeking out a small object, a corner, which has not yet made it into my photo challenge. Hence, a true picture of daily life - banality!


  1. Oh - do I know that feeling - of what in my house could be of interest to others (or even myself). But I guess that is part of the challenge - to find the unique in the mundane.

  2. I've only just discovered you're doing this thing Tania. You have a very interesting house, so I don't think you'll run out of stuff in the near future. I would have enough stuff to keep photographing till the end of my life, I suspect, given that I am the holder of oddments from about four generations.
    Have to say you're being very creative in this taking of photos - they often have a sense of drama about them. In that I often get a feeling of a story that might be about to happen, or has just happened. I've selected anonymous for my profile here because I can't work out what else to do.

  3. I'm stumped now, not sure who you are.