Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 230 - Oops

When I posted yesterday's photo, I had the nagging feeling that I'd included this photo before. And I have, now I realise. Yes, I cheated by using a photo taken on a different day. So what. I scanned my flickrsteam for generic photos of everyday life because, by the time I'd finished with dinner and dishes, photo hunting seemed a bleak prospect. I know, I know, we're supposed to post a photo we've taken on the day, but some photos aren't linked to a specific time. They could happen any day and sometimes do. Just to prove a point, today's photos are witness to the timelessness of everyday, anyday home life. Which isn't a bad thing.


  1. I agree with you and have done the same myself, once or twice.The everyday actions of life are timeless and forever relevant so we can't go too far wrong. However, I feel excited when something unique or out of the ordinary does happen - I immediately think of my blog picture (hopefully I also enjoy the moment.

  2. I love the toaster - it gives me ideas for future photos - part of the fun of checking out other peoples' pictures.

  3. Always good to see you, Pam and Susan! The best part of the photo blog is the interaction.