Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 233 - Scales

Last night we enjoyed a (mainly) soloists concert at Mr16's school. It was a good chance for him to get performance practice before his upcoming audition for Victorian College of the Arts Seconday School. I've been following the news about Melbourne University's takeover of the Victorian College of the Arts. Even Geoffrey Rush has stepped in. From the ABC news:
'Oscar winning actor, Geoffrey Rush joined the chorus of voices railing against the planned integration of performance and fine arts courses into the so-called Melbourne Model, led by Melbourne University.
Opponents say the changes would force students to take more generalised, theoretical subjects and would reduce their ability to specialise.'
I'm not sure if that's true or what the implications will be, but I know there are many people who see it as a bad thing.


  1. My Michael graduated from VCA 4 years ago and even then he was expected to do these generalist subjects which he found rather useless and irrelevant to his course. I suppose he was being made to broaden his outlook but he didn't take it seriously and was more annoyed than anything.Good luck to Mr16 for his upcoming audition!

  2. Would you recommend VCA? Maxim's violin teacher is Head of Strings at VCA, and she is discouraging him from doing a music degree because she says that, unless you can't live without it, she wouldn't recommend it; it's too competitive.

  3. My son wasn't meant to be a musician. In year 12 he was going to be an accountant like his father. Music found him - and he can't live without it. He may only be rich in satisfaction but he couldn't do anything else. Fortunately he enjoys teaching which keeps the wolves at bay! oh, and he loved his years at VCA when he wasn't doing those generalist subjects.

  4. Good luck to Mr16. It's too bad that music is about competition and not about sharing and learning from each other.