Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 72 - Reluctant pooch

My dog is camera-shy. I think she's been traumatised by the flash on one occasion, and now, delicate creature that she is, she turns away, but not only that, she slinks down low, and refuses to look my way when I want to photograph her. This shot was the best of a series of blurred black and white rejects. I had to threaten her in order to take this shot. She's a MalteseXShihtsu.


  1. She sounds a very cluey doggie - remembers quite well that startling flash in her eyes.

  2. She remembers the flash, but I can still trick her into coming in by lying to her that my mum has come to visit. She comes running in! And then, cruel me, I say, not just yet. Animal abuse?