Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 154 - My sister's Namesday

My sister Lena's Namesday today. We celebrated by going out to a Chinese restaurant in Smith Street, Collingwood. The restaurant is called 'Bamboo Room', and is fairly new. I would recommend you rush there as soon as you can, before they gather a larger clientele and raise their prices. We shared various entrees and mains and paid less than $20 a head. You could even BYO which is becoming almost impossible. The food is nothing like the standard Chinese in traditional restaurants that cater for non-Chinese. It was delicious and spicy. Can't remember the number for those in Melbourne but it's opposite Vibe (where my sister's studio is upstairs), closer to Gertrude Street.
The boys are seriously considering the menu. You can see we don't take our food lightly.

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