Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 170 - Time flies

Lately time has been racing. Have you noticed? It seems that only recently the year had begun. Time is elusive, it has many faces. Sometimes it drags, other times you realise it's slipped past without you noticing. Having boys aged 15 and 18 has intensified this for me. The transition from boyhood to manhood happens before your eyes, and you have to adjust your perception of them to keep up. I think I've reflected on time before; it's a leitmotif, perhaps.


  1. Great representation. I remember when my son was around 15, he seemed to grow overnight. Often mornings I would have to readjust my image of him. Change happened so fast.
    But the feeling of time racing is still with me - it is just reflected by other areas of my life.

  2. Too true Susan and don't hold the blink too long Tania! My son will be 31 this year and my grandson is 10. So from this particular vantage point I can appreciate how our perceptions of our environment do need constant adjustments. But don't feel too overwhelmed and downcast by life's rapid passage. There are still future generations of aromatic roses waiting to bloom for us to enjoy.

  3. Susan and Pam, I can always count on you for interesting comments.
    Pam, you must have become a mother as a very young woman!!

  4. Well I was all of 25 years - that didn't seem so young in those days. Then my first daughter had her first baby at 22years - a little surprise whom we love dearly (she's now expecting her third!)I know lots of young people seem to wait for ever these days to start a family - but it's been rather good being relatively young g'parents. My other 2 children don't give any indication of being parents anytime soon.