Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 182 - Here's an irrelevant photo

It's a case of the photo being irrelevant to the day. Would you have preferred a photo of me taking my sons to have their hair cut (and one of them emerging looking like Jerry did in an episode of Seinfeld, which curiously centred on a barber called Enzo - same name as our hairdresser). Or a photo of me silently cursing when I scored a very, very, very slow person at the supermarket checkout? Or me getting wet on the way to the car with my shopping? The laundry perhaps? I think not. This photo will do for today.


  1. Yes please I would like -
    the photo of the hair cut,
    the photo of you cursing
    the photo of you getting wet
    but not the photo of the laundry...
    Great pic I love it

  2. You make me laugh! Although it can be stressful getting a photo a day, it also helps me look for humor each day! :)