Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 161 - study (in)sanity

Today was a very cold day (top 11 degrees Celcius) and my older son (18 yo) stayed home from Uni to study for exams. I returned home from school to be greeted at the door with a plate of scones with jam and cream. He had to Google how to whip cream!

His first home-made scones, borne out of study boredom! But wait! There's more! Insanity had struck. When I came into the living room, I was greeted by familiar faces from my son's childhood. Must say, I've missed these guys...


  1. I love it - I can only say one thing - "it warms the cockles of my heart!"

  2. Delightful! Looks like your living-room was invaded.
    I recommend you not come to Montreal in winter. The high rarely goes about 0C. High of 11C is a nice early spring day (we have still been getting highs of only about 18 - but we think that is warm). The hot weather has been slow in coming. Stay warm.

  3. So many stuffed toys! I can't believe it...
    I still have all of mine too...

  4. Susan, it's all relative, isn't it? Many years ago I lived in upstate NY for 9 months, including the winter, and when the snow melted we thought it was warm, but it probably wasn't much warmer than it is here at the moment.

    this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have many more packed away.