Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 155 - Left-over cake

Left-over cake on the second day is often even better than the first day. How so? Well, the second day you already know how delicious it is, and you anticipate the cake. The first day you might have it at the end of a long and overindulgent meal, and therefore you don't appreciate it in the same way you do when you're eating it after an ordinary meal. It might improve in flavour, becoming more saturated.

The second day in general is, I think, highly underrated. On the second day, with the cake as with anything else, you know what to expect and are ready to appreciate whatever it is. You're in control of the experience whereas the first time may take you by surprise. I sometimes think I would have enjoyed my wedding day more on the second day. It was too new an experience, and I wasn't prepared emotionally or mentally - too many conflicting feelings overwhelming me. The second day I would be confident, and would be able to savour the moment.

This post is an experiment following a conversation with a fellow photo-blogger about the difficulty of writing something worthwhile to accompany a photo when nothing much happens. How did I do?


  1. I enjoyed it - and I know what you mean. It's like driving somewhere you have not been before. It seems to take so long, but the way home is short. The first is tentative, the second confident. The worries are gone and you can just savour the moment (or the cake).
    I like the way you composed the photograph.

  2. Yes, time is a strange shapeshifter.
    Actually, it's guest photographer again. I thought people would notice.

  3. Well done - photograph and accompanying text! It is sometimes difficult to pen meaningful words to daily photos, but a good challenge! And, there are so many photographs that are springboards for compelling digital storytelling!