Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 257 - Duck family

Our duck couple at school have had ducklings. I've been hoping to catch a glimpse of them for a few days now. Today I rushed out with the camera after a tip-off from a colleague and followed them across the grass over the path and into the pond. Amazingly the boys stopped to let the ducks pass. Seems they have more respect for them than their teachers. We just get bowled over. Might start quacking.


  1. What a coup! Well done, would love to capture such pics.
    However,having just finished teaching Orwell's 1984, don't think I would like to be guilty of "duckspeak"!

  2. Ha ha, duckspeak. Yes, I didn't actually think I'd capture anything. Borrowed the school camera, rushed out, and wondered why the camera screen kept going black. Just clicked and hoped for the best. Later found out it had been on a timer. Still got the pics! I hate the way this blog cuts out the right side of the photo. I think I've said that before. Many times.

  3. Gorgeous - I can't wait for our local ducks to start their neighborhood walks with their new families.

  4. These are great!
    If you don't want the blog to cut out the right side - chose a template with your info on the left - I changed mine when I figured that out.