Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 273 - Dali

Finally went to the Dali exhibition in its last week in Melbourne. We arrived at about 7.30 pm and stood snaking for an hour before getting in. My enthusiasm had waned and I tried to be patient as Mr 16 spent 10 minutes in front of each picture in the first two rooms only. There were over 200 pictures!! Planted myself on a couch and watched people. Soon Dali's infectious surrealism spread like fungus and I found myself agitated about the crowd. Everything seemed so ridiculous and pointless. Everyone else was getting into it. I was wallowing in some kind of existentialist drama.

I wanted to go back to this (earlier today in the front yard)
Or even this - the gypsy band that was playing in the gallery while people were drinking and dancing (strange contrast to the library-like hushed quiet of the gallery normally).

Waiting in line for so long, I stared at the ceiling

Finally we left. Somehow managed to walk back to the car without melting.


  1. I enjoy your final image, how appropriate!

  2. Ha, I was sitting on the inside of the front wall which is a wall of glass with water running down; the lit-up, red Dali sign back to front from this perspective.