Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 335 - Chadstone and the end of Movember (unrelated)

Well, I walked my feet off at Chadstone - yes, I'm sitting here with stumps where my feet used to be. Chadstone Shopping Centre should come with a warning or at least GPS. I thought I'd just mention that I didn't purchase a single thing for myself (impressed?) apart from a sandwich and coffee. A small dent has been made in the Great Christmas Retail Hunt, so I'm pleased in a small way.
Later this evening, Mr 19 shaved his moustache, having joined the ranks of men raising money for prostate cancer and depression research and awareness, and having come to the end of the month and raised $448. Facebook has been a good way to promote this fundraiser.


  1. Congratulations to Mr 19 - great job! Very worthy cause. I NEVER go to Chadstone - I find it totally daunting. I grew up in Oakleigh and Chadstone was a favourite haunt in those days - but it's totally outgrown me now.

  2. Thanks, Pam. Yes, Chadstone is a monster. Most of my purchases there were from Target anyway.