Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 349 - More biscuits, too many containers and not enough space

I've been quoted as saying 'you can never have enough biscuits', but I think I may have to add to that very true maxim the words 'you can never have enough containers' and following that 'enough space to put the biscuits and containers'. For truly, I have discovered the chagrin which follows when too many biscuits and too many containers lack the corresponding amount of storage space.
After choir practice later in the evening, I snapped the church but the camera has lied; it looks like mid-afternoon.

What it really looked like was this.

I'm following the predictable pattern for me in the first week of holidays - a feeling that I have to fix all those things hanging over my head during school term when my time is limited. This will pass, and then I'll assume a slug-like disposition which will continue until the last five or so days before school resumes, when I'll suddenly realise there are so many wonderful things to do and not enough time to do them all before the start of the school year. I need help.


  1. I admire your kitchen frenzy - I can never quite get myself to go into production. I know what you mean about holiday sloth. When I was still in the classroom I used to describe holidays as going from sloth into overdrive. We never seen to have balance.

  2. The kitchen frenzy (together with the housecleaning, shopping frenzy) run off the residual go-go-go from work. You've summed it up well: sloth into overdrive. Perhaps we weren't made for balance.