Thursday, December 24, 2009

Day 358 - Christmas Eve

My post is late following a late night. Here are the pictures of the German Lutheran church.

It was difficult driving to the church through the pelting rain which made visibility almost impossible. Some drivers stopped on the side of the road. Safe and dry in the beautiful church built in the nineteenth century, we filled an entire row/pew, and tried our best to sing the German hymns which are always pitched very high. These pictures were taken by Mr 19 and you can see the rest of them in his photostream once they're uploaded.

At home, good food, pink champagne, animated conversations, a flurry of paper ripping and ribbons, excited children, groaning dessert table, happy farewells and well wishes at the door. Groggily collecting the debris and restoring order. Falling into bed happy, relieved and grateful.