Friday, December 18, 2009

Day 352 - Still disjointed

Still feeling disjointed, running errands here, there and everywhere. Following the Christmas break routine. My poor little dog was transformed from a fat furball to a scrawny, fragile-looking animal with bones.

No photo was taken today, although I considered revealing my Christmas wrap mess which is taking over a table in the kitchen (maybe I need a gift-wrapping room like Niles), but I might do that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I asked Mr 19 to take a photo for me during a night walk along The Boulevarde (la di da), Ivanhoe, an annual Christmas lights display.

Sorry for the late post.


  1. Oh yes, very la di da! (Isn't that a delightful and very onomatopoeic expression?) As children we were taken for drives around "The Boulevard" at Christmas time. Have you noticed though that the plebians have taken over this rather energy extravagent custom? They clearly do not know their places!

  2. Precisely! What is happening to the world!!