Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 339 - City sights

The city was overstimulating today. Coming up to Christmas is always like this. More people, more cars, more buskers, cranes obstructing major roads (Collins St), sounds mingling - singing, guitar, flute, drums, trumpet. Still, it's a good feeling. Walking up Bourke St I stopped with others to watch a talented artist make a decent job reproducing well-known paintings.

I like the way he's lined up his money tray with the money in the painting. Witty.

The artist had already completed a few pictures - the Madonna-like woman with the plump children, Vermeer's woman pouring milk from a jug, and a young woman with a basket of berries.

I walked past ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) and saw a group of bright green, Telly Tubby-like video pods, and into the Atrium through to the gallery shop to do some Christmas shopping. The umbrellas were new.

I also took one or two photos of traditional Christmas decorations in a traditional setting for Susan.

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  1. I love the street art - ephemeral but so well done. And thank you for the lovely shots of more traditional decorations - suits the setting much more than the streamers in the other photo.