Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 362 - Only 3 more days after this! omg!

I think I've gone from thinking 'when will this blog come to its timely end?' to 'omg! there are only a few days left; what will I do without my daily dose of making something up at the end of the day?'

Definitely the best thing about writing threesixtyfivephotos has been the connections it's created. Obviously with Susan Van Gelder and Pam Arvanitakis, who have faithfully commented and supported me, and with a few people who have let me know privately that they've enjoyed reading my posts, or that photos of my home town have cheered them up while they were away, or even that they've followed parts of my journey emotionally.

It's been much more than the superficial little experiment it stated out as. And I have the chronological and photographic record of this year.


  1. The end is nigh and it is rather sad - but what an achievement! This "fun" challenge certainly did develop into something quite significant, I'm sure I will miss it too - but still have 21 days to go!

  2. It has been my pleasure to share your world and journey. I am planning to continue photographing and writing, but with less pressure for a daily deadline. Hope we will stay in touch.
    These flowers are a delightful antidote to our cold blustery day.

  3. I hope whatever we do we'll stay in touch. I'm interested to see what you both do next year.