Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 365 - The conclusion

The final post. The photos are very similar to my first couple of posts a year ago. It's been worth it, despite all my whingeing along the way. As we're getting ready to go to a new year's celebration, it's bucketing, with dramatic thunder and lightning. My little dog is shivering. I'm thinking about all those who have gathered in the city for the fireworks display which promises to be better than ever. Unless the storm prevents it. Waiting for the rain to subside, we're watching a Seinfeld DVD but someone has pressed the wrong episode and we're seeing stick figure Seinfeld characters which is funny because the voices are just the same.

Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope 2010 is a very good year for you. Thankyou for reading, and thankyou especially for commenting.



  1. Happy New Year! I'll be continuing in 2010, but perhaps not as regularly. I need some breathing space. Please drop by.

  2. Thank you for your posts - I have really enjoyed seeing the images and getting a glimpse into life in Melbourne.

  3. Congratulations Tania for inspirationally reaching the end of a momentous challenge. I will miss your daily photo and reflections but of course you have other blogs I can read. Still waiting on your email to organize our luncheon or whatever!

  4. Thankyou all for your kind comments. Although we write the blog for ourselves, having readers makes you feel like you're talking to someone. I'm happy that your blog is still going, Pam, and Susan, I plan to continue but irregularly, although I can't really stay in this blog because of its name.
    I've sent you an email, Pam, but I'll have to check that it got through.

  5. Congratulations. I just started yesterday. It's great to see people finish. Cheers! :)

  6. Thanks, Jan. I don't think you'll have any problems keeping up - just checked out your blog. All the best and thanks for dropping by.