Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 122 - Old treasures

Today I spent the day emptying my mother's garage - 50 years of accumulated stuff. We were supposed to fill the skip but somehow my station wagon was filled with things I couldn't bear to throw out, including this old red phone. I pulled out the complete works of Dostoyevsky (in Russian), various other Russian classics which belonged to my grandmother, paintings on canvas my sister had done which she now rejected, wooden planks, an old rug, and other things. I was happy to see the old Lotto game with the original wooden numbers. We also found one and two cent coins.


  1. I know what you mean when we were clearing out the house for my Auntie there was so much that I did not want to put in the garage sale and if I had lived there and could load my car up I would have. I think it is great to re discover so many wonderful treasures and I think it is even better that you kept them. Love the phone!

  2. Would you like any Russian books, Dawn?

  3. So hard to dispose of our links to the past. I face this in a few years as I start to downsize. I still have my mother's copy of Little Women in Russian which she brought to Canada when they immigrated in 1923.

  4. That's a stolen phone from a Government organization. It has the tell tale sign of.... and do you think I can remember what it's called! That, sticky label that was punched out and used to label assets....

    What was it called, it had a generic name, along the lines of Liquid Paper, or Post It Notes.....ARRGGHHH driving me nuts.... ;-)

    Plus, it's red, which makes it official, and probably in charge some serious spook communication.

    Hook it up and see who's on the other end :-)