Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 133 - Catching the light

One thing I don't enjoy is knowing that we are moving closer to Winter. The worst part for me is the fact that it gets dark so early. It makes me want to crawl inside and not go anywhere. Isn't it funny how in the Summer it's still light until 9pm or so, and you feel like the day is still going on, but in Winter (or even Autumn), you feel the day ends some time after 5pm. There should be a switch in us that allows us to adapt to the seasons and function normally.
I took this photo just before it got dark. I ran out into the backyard and snapped before it became too late, and I was forced to take another inside shot.


  1. The closing in of the day as winter approaches certainly plays a significant role in how we occupy ourselves. I suppose now is the time we are meant to turn our energies inward- literally inside the house, to cooking, to reading, reflective blogging, craft? etc. As the days start to lengthen again, after the winter solstice, our attentions turns to the outdoors again,to the garden, being out and about etc. But I have been thinking just the same as you lately, the shorter days are annoying and an inbuilt switch would be handy!

  2. I often wondered if people who lived in warmer climates were more superficial. God knows the North has some literature which has obviously been influenced by the weather.

  3. I suppose we haven't had many Dostoyevskies and Shakespeares from the tropics. Then folk from the warmer climes could argue their lives reflect real action rather than reflective imaagination.Interesting topic...