Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 137 - Kitchen duty

My turn for kitchen duty at church today. I got up earlier than I would have wanted, but a few other people were up even earlier getting the dough ready so that it would rise before all the ladies got in and started to make the piroshki. If you haven't heard of piroshki before, they're made of yeasty dough with fillings. We had fried ones filled with meat and rice, mashed potato and onion, and fried onion and cabbage. There some baked versions of these. We also made sweet ones filled with apple puree and dusted with icing sugar, and these are pictured here.

What I enjoy about this experience (only once I'm there and have had my coffee, and not before that) is the social aspect. Our parish is currently enjoying an influx of Russian people who are new(ish) to the country. My own family emigrated from Russia in the 40s and 50s, so are old immigrants, so we're pretty much Australians who are lucky to remember the language. Today I was making piroshki and chatting to a woman who was Russian but had lived in Azerbaijan for a lot of her life. She was probably in her 70s, and was complaining about how difficult it was to learn English. I think it would be hard to adapt to major changes, including language, as you get older.

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