Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 150 - Upside down sticky banana cake

Taking advantage of my sudden spurt of wellbeing this morning, I sprang into action, whipping up a sticky upside-down banana cake, as well as a zucchini, mushroom and feta quiche, before collapsing again on the couch with renewed lousiness. I hope to feel better before tomorrow, because I'm booked to go to the State Library of Victoria to attend a talk by the Young Adult author, John Green. I don't know if he'd like being called a YA author, but he does write books for YAs. I've been enjoying his vodcasts and embedded one on my reading blog. He's very funny, and even filmed himself carrying out a challenge to climb onto a table. John is incredibly afraid of heights, and Justine Larbalestier dared him (publicly) to stand up on a table for money that would go to a charity of his choice. He did this at home and filmed himself. I showed a couple of classes, and they were fascinated. At first they couldn't believe how nervous he got trying to stand on a table. Great discussion starter. Conquering your fears. I thought he was brave for filming himself and putting it up on his blog.

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  1. The cake looks yummy! And I would love to see John Green in action (both talk and table-climbing!) Hope you feel well enough to go!