Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 139 - Ballet

The Australian Ballet School is celebrating its 45th anniversary with a couple of concerts. Fortunately my day off coincided with one of the daytime performances. I'd forgotten how exquisite ballet was, and how it transported the viewer into an entirely different zone. The students performed Swan Lake Act II; Matya's Dance with music by John Williams - gypsy-like, I thought; Songs of Light with music by Radiohead; and Graduation Waltz with music by Glazunov. An hour in a different world. I should do this more often.
In the afternoon, I returned to the garden to do some replanting. The trees are almost bare with snatches of yellow and red, soon to be a memory.


  1. I really must say this.

    it is not the victorian ballet school.

    It's the Australian Ballet School (Yes it's a national ballet school.)

  2. Thanks for the correction. I should have checked. First I wrote Australian, and then I changed it to Victorian. Could I say the Australian Ballet School in Victoria?

  3. Lol well it's just known as the Australian Ballet School :)

    P.S I was in Matya's dance!