Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 140 - End of a cycle

The Orthodox celebrate Easter for 40 days. Well, when I say 'celebrate', I don't mean we're still partying (although we are still getting through our stash of chocolate), but we are still in the Easter (Paschal) cycle. That's because Christ appeared to the apostles and faithful for 40 days after his resurrection, before His ascension.

Meanwhile, my Easter decorations are really getting on my nerves, and despite my youngest son's protests (he loves the decorations), I decided to get rid of the 'Easter tree' (more of a German thing) and the coloured eggs you see pictured here. Gone are the little wooden rabbits pushing barrows, and gone are the now squashed little fluffy yellow chicks. I decided to throw out the fluffy little rabbits sitting in tiny nests (some sort of strange, unnatural manifestation of Easter mixup) that someone had given me (possibly my mother).

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