Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 305 - Can't believe it's day 305

And what have I done on day 305? Kitchen duty first, so early start, joining an interesting group of women (yes, no men in Russian kitchens - at least here). I love the sticky dough enveloping the filling and forming a seamless parcel. I also enjoy the conversation with women who have arrived relatively recently from Russia, and who have a slightly different way of looking at things than I have. And the little tidbits, eg. which herb is the best for your health (apparently dill), and how sorrel should be eaten in moderation because it may increase your chances of suffering from arthritis. And generally, the warmth and passion expressed when speaking of these things.

Meanwhile, I didn't bring my camera, but I've already taken several photos of piroshki. Later that day, I took too many photos of Mr 16 with dog, mainly because he was either moving and creating a massive blur or his eyes were half shut. Here are some anyway. The one above shows Mr 16 and his dog watching TV.

And lastly, I made pavlova for Tuesday, so here are a few more photos.

Earlier in the afternoon, I took yet another shot of the vine, growing very nicely thankyou very much.


  1. Only 60 days to go! I've been enjoying your pictorial diary entries Tania. Very entertaining and informative - that pav will be a treat!

  2. Actually, two pavs. Thanks, Pam. Do you think you'll continue beyond the year?

  3. Under the vine looks like a great place to sit. As it heats up there, it cools down here, though we are not into extremes yet.

  4. I found this blog in a very roundabout way, but have also been enjoying the photos and commentary.

  5. Under the vines would be a great place to sit if it weren't for the mosquitos! This Summer I intend to discover a solution. Burning anti-mozzie stuff helps but not enough.