Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 333 - By design

333 is an odd number. Literally. And it's impressively close to the impending 365, the name and aim of this blog. What do I have to offer to anyone bothering to read this? Very little, as predicted. Recently back from kitchen duty and smelling seriously like fried stuff, before I do some work, I thought I'd kill this post early in the day. I could talk about the enormous amount of yeast-based dough, the cabbage, potato and mushroom and rice fillings, the seemingly endless orders of piroshki and soup, snatches of conversation - but it's not that exciting; you have to be there. Instead, I decided to go with random yet again. Hey, it's an authentic part of life - mine, at least.

Today's photos are examples of objects I've chosen for their design. The first object is Moroccan, the second is - I'm not sure - and the last one I was given by an Iranian (then Persian) acquaintance (on account of my father spending his youth in (then) Persia during the time of the Shah.)


  1. 333 I, too, thought that number was odd (but not prime!). I'm thinking more about 2010 and whether or not to continue. I am thinking of doing a weekly photo and blog. I would hate to lose touch with some of the people I have been following and getting to know. And even this post which you say offers little, adds a little more to the story of you. I've enjoyed getting to know you.

  2. Yes Tania, I share Susan's feelings about your offerings - they've been fascinating, creative and informative - I feel like I'm writing out your end of year report! But if I had to, you would be receiving an A+ for entertainment and ingenuity.I'm missing your daily entries already.

  3. Susan and Pam, I love reading your comments; sometimes I think I'm writing this blog for you. I also love reading your daily posts and looking to your photos. A+ LOL, Pam. You make me laugh.
    You know, weekly post and photo sounds good, although then you have to synthesize the week into one post which might be a little challenging. It would be a pity to stop.