Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 317 - SLAV conference and night photos

Well, I blew it , didn't I? I planned to take lots of photo of the National Gallery of Victoria and the city sights, since I was there for a PD day. BUT - I forgot to take the memory card out of the laptop, so the camera was useless. Great day though, fabulous venue, excellent get-together with teacher librarians, and a few pleasant surprises (first-time meeting with online friends).

The theme for the conference was 'Seeing differently', and it was a brilliant line-up of education officers from the National Gallery, educators, curators and painting conservators, and experts in different fields (eg. graphic novels, Shakespeare, etc.). By far the best and most entertaining talk, in my opinion, was the keynote address by Dr Mark Norman, author, marine biologist and Senior Curator of Molluscs from Museum Victoria. Very informative and entertaining talk, even for non-science people like me (particularly). Mark also writes fantastic children's books to make children aware of our natural world. These are far from dry; I think I'll buy some. The titles will give you an indication of his style: The penguin book: birds in suits; The Antarctica Book: Living in the freezer; The shark book: fish with attitude.

Then there was the small matter of a photo for the day. It was already darkish when I arrived home, so I took some night shots outside.
This one was commissioned by me from Guest Photographer.


  1. I really like the middle photo - great shades of blue/green against the wood.

  2. Me too, although I almost didn't include it because one of my son's said it was no good. Just shows you that it's very subjective.