Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 329 - VITTA conference.

The Victorian Information Technology Teachers' Association (VITTA) just finished a 3-day conference. I attended the last day, and was fortunate to hear Steve Hargadon - both keynote and special session. Steve is the founder of Classroom 2.0 and community manager for, amongst other things. He said that we are about to go through the biggest change in education in centuries or maybe ever, and it's going to feel like a tidal wave. The wave is there now. Some people have their back to the wave, a few are out surfing the wave, but to most of us the wave looks impossible.

My first time at the Grandstand, Flemington Racecourse. It's massive; a very impersonal, clinical place to have a conference. I imagine that many conferences are at such places. What about we book out a street of cafes for different sessions, eg. Lygon Street, Carlton?

The next photo was taken during my TWO HOUR drive home through the mainly stationary traffic. It's the section around the Zoo, very dry and desolate.

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