Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 321 - Unexpected tenant

Just outside our back doors above the verandah and easily visible from inside, a small possum has taken up residence in a precarious spot on a beam under the eaves. I'm not sure why he/she's chosen this spot but I'm surprised he/she hasn't taken advantage of the large tree growing over this area. I'm guessing the shelter of the eaves and adjacent vine makes this prime real estate. Or else the little creature is confused.

Initially I thought the branches and leaves on the verandah were failed attempts at a bird nest, so imagine my surprise when I discovered it was no bird.


  1. These are super shots of your possum visitor - not an easy model I'm sure. What a beautiful fur coat that will probably be too hot over the next few days. Have you left out some water for your tenant? I believe possums make their homes in all sorts of places including the spaces between walls and in the ceiling if there is room.

  2. Incredibly cute - you really captured your tenant quite well. These are not animals we find around here, so I particularly enjoyed seeing these photos.

  3. The possum wasn't silly and moved on to more stable lodgings. Hopefully not in our roof.