Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 309 - Camomile

Home late from an end of year dinner (premature, yes) with a heavy teacher librarian demographic. Altogether quite lovely, although the chocolate mousse is still making its presence felt. Dying to get to bed but daily photo has reared its ugly head. This is a picture of camomile flowers drying out to be used as tea. My sister kindly picked these from her garden and painstakingly snipped the stems off each one. I don't really like camomile tea but she insists that it tastes better fresh.


  1. Natural herbs for a most invigorating tea. Wonderful!

  2. I've never had fresh camomile. They look lovely drying on the towel.

  3. I think I might try the fresh camomile after all. Wouldn't mind seeing these little things flowering in the garden.