Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 327 - Back to the garden

When there's no photo at the end of the day, and nothing much will happen - you know it - it's back to the garden. Here's one of my recent additions to the Scorched Summer Garden. I think (not absolutely sure) that this succulent will tolerate heat better than the camelia which used to be in this north-facing, open spot.

Otherwise, nothing new. At work I spent most of the day shelf-reading, which to library plebs, means you start at one end of your shelves and put all the books in order. Easy enough, you think, but once you get more than six numbers after the decimal point, not to mention the first three letters of the author's surname, the brain gets a bit fried. If you do it most of the day.


  1. No need to apologise for your garden shots - they're always well chosen and interesting. Succulents are certainly more resilient than camelias etc but even they will start to suffer in extreme conditions - which I'm sure you've noticed.

  2. These are colourful succulents. I hope they survive your summer.