Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 330 - Stormy weather

I meant to photograph the bark of this tree last week when it was much redder. After today's memorable storm, I wonder if the trunk is now stripped naked. The volatile weather caused havoc, causing train cancellations (hence Mr 16's very late arrival home after waiting over an hour for his train), and I heard on the news that a girl was hit by lightning - awful.

At work I shelf-read all day. Wouldn't recommend it. Tomorrow is more of the same. Still, I'd rather do that than have my teeth extracted, which is what cut my stocktaking experience short last year.

The photo below is the unremarkable view from my car window as I waited for Mr 16 in the wet carpark.


  1. Hi Tania
    I watched hundreds of pieces of bark fly wildly around outside our LRC as the storm blew in. At first I wondered where the paper was coming from until I realised it was bark! When I arrived home I was greeted by a deck and backyard littered in bark, twigs and leaves from the gum tree a few doors down!

  2. Wasn't it wild! I have a large verandah sheltering the front door at home, and usually rain only comes up halfway, but it came up to the front door.

  3. That is very interesting bark. What kind of tree is it?

  4. Some sort of eucalypt. We just call them gum trees. I'm not an expert. You should have seen the bark last week - a vibrant red.