Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 276 - Treasures

Mr 16 is sorting through stuff in drawers in preparation for the move to a new desk. Some treasures you never throw out - even if they are useless. I still have a red Santa tin which I used to use to surprise myself when I was very young. Life was sometimes unspectacular, so I would hide something in the tin, then put it away and not open it for a year. The idea was that I would forget what was in the tin, so it was exciting to open it up and see what was inside. Sad? Maybe. But I prefer to think that I was resourceful. I invented delayed gratification for myself.


  1. Such a contrast to the instant gratification today's children seem trained to expect. We always enjoy digging out the Christmas decorations each year - carefully packed away in an old painted biscuit tin -and hanging loved ornaments we haven't seen for 12 months.

  2. i cut off a lock of hair when i was 13 and put it in an envelope to keep til the Year 2000. It's still floating around the place. My hair has changed so much in colour and texture. god that was half my life ago. depressing

  3. Pam, are you saying you fit all your Christmas decorations in one box?

    Varia, half your life is almost a quarter of mine. It's all relative. Was your hair lighter in colour? I once saw an envelope with my mother's hair when she was a teenager, but it had darkened in the envelope.