Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 289 - In the light of day

As I said, I wanted to photograph the carved archway in daylight so that the colours weren't distorted by the flash.

Here are a few pictures of the work Sergei and Olya did in our church.

It's interesting that the pictures selected each day do not always explain everything that happened, and in fact sometimes conceal things which are either too painful or inappropriate to reveal in a public blog.

Yesterday, for example, was a day of mixed feelings. We had our hearing at the Heidelberg's Magistrate's Court for the fence dispute between our neighbour and us. Without going into detail, although our neighbour has unfairly threatened us to pay full costs for a several decades old fence, and made strange, irrelevant and untrue accusations, we've decided to forego further court proceedings. Considering how angry we are, and the bad feelings we have developed towards our neighbour, I think it may be wise to let go of what's fair and right in order to avoid further animosity building as well as financial debts.

In contrast to this infuriating saga, it was all joy when the carving arrived. Funny how things often turn out complex, with conflicting emotions playing out simultaneously. I remember 20 years ago, when we found a beautiful old dresser. The day it was delivered was also the day (or thereabouts) my father had unexpectedly passed away, and the joy of owning the dresser turned sour; I resented how much the dresser had meant to me, thinking that I'd give away all my possessions to have my father back. The meaninglessness of such loves was revealed in the face of the most tragic loss. I thought I'd never be able to look at that dresser without feeling resentful, but the years have taken those feelings away. I've been able to focus on meaningless things again and many times. Life.
Yesterday's joy in having the archway installed was joined by feelings of sympathy for my colleague's loss of her father - which sparked my own memories.

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  1. The carving is beautiful, the neighbour is twisted. I hope you enjoy your dresser now and I hope it brings you much joy - it is a lovely dresser and I would have gladly brought it home with me! It is strange how some days can be two sided(is that a word!) like coins!