Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 293 - The slap

I've been trying to read The slap today, this day being my day off. If it weren't for all the distractions, I would have finished it. Apart from the addictive allure of Twitter and other online delicacies, and the little domestic duties which crop up all the more because I'm actually sitting in the house and am therefore very aware of what needs to be done, I actually think my brain is unsuited to reading quickly. For example, reading about something somebody did in the book, and being distracted by thoughts like 'I know how she feels' or 'I've thought that but I would never admit it' or 'is it true that men think about sex all the time?' - and then, a short icecream interval. Resuming the read, 'Hmmm.... no wonder I don't like barbecues' or even 'No wonder I don't like people all that much', followed by 'I can't believe I didn't realise what a misanthrope I am', 'Was Scrooge born that way or did he have an unhappy childhood?' and also, 'Are we really responsible for who we are?', and so on. So that's why I've only read 82 of 483 pages. The vacant stare is also understandable.

Oh, and in the morning, I took the predictable outdoor shots of whatever's flowering, knowing that I wouldn't see anything else. I'm not sure if I'll last until the end of the year with the daily photo challenge!
Hmmm.... this photo makes me think of icecream...


  1. Hehe, you're a funny girl Tania! But don't you dare throw in this project before it's over -I'm sure you're just bluffing.Anyway your lilacs and icecream flower pics are very appealing. I asked my nephew ( a prolific reader)the other day about The Slap. As a youngish parent living in Brunswick and actually being acquainted a little with Tsiolkas, he's not impressed with the authenticity of The Slap - at least none of his friends are so nasty to each other.

  2. I love your musings on the book. I had never heard of it or the author. I think it's great to linger over a book and let it take you where it does. Reading is personal and we bring ourselves to the page.
    As to the photos - I'm sure you'll make it - only 72 days left. But what will next year's challenge be?

  3. Don't worry, Pam and Susan, even though I feel like it, I'm not likely to give up now. As for next year? I might miss it if I'm not doing it. What about specific challenges?

    I haven't got very far in the book, and I have a feeling the characters will reveal themselves more and more as the story goes on. Maybe we just don't know people like that. At the same time, I think that many of us have a darker side that few people see.