Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 284 - Just another Sunday

Just another Sunday. After church we joined extended family for lunch. Early this evening my laptop slowed down to an all-time low, freezing for 10 minutes at a time, unfreezing for one, then freezing again, and so on. I would really, really love to have a working laptop. Heavy sigh, expelling frustrated air.

I'm thinking about extending the back decking. As it is, it's just enough for 6 or 8 people but in way of the door opening, and the people seating near the edge can't really push their chairs back for fear of falling off. We'd have to get rid of the sleepers and garden beds in front of the decking, but I think it's worth it. What do you think.

Why is my white lavender so short and malformed?

I should have trimmed the English lavender; it's a monster.

The Japanese maple is looking leafy.

More leaves on the vine. Spring is manifesting itself in nature, but not in the weather which is still wintry.


  1. I'm sure the decking extension would be well used, you should be able to replant those garden beds - a big job though.
    Re white lilacs, as my mother would say, it needs a good prune and a regular feed with fertiliser and mulch - but maybe you already do this. You can still cut back your lavander.
    I will include a pic soon of my red Japanese maple. Thanks for the peek at your garden - it's looking lush.

  2. Nice to see all that growth while here all is dying back. We have a frost warning for tonight, so more flowers may succumb.
    House projects take a lot of energy - I speak from experience :-)