Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 277 - Possum trail

I've put odd tiles on the fence and they get knocked off by possums (and possibly rats) walking along the rail. I keep putting the tiles back up and sometimes they crack, which is a shame.

I've only just noticed how many tiles are broken during the holidays - I've noticed a lot of things. Areas of the house that need to be tidied, weeds, dirty windows. It's back to school for the final term of the year, and I won't be noticing any of these things once I'm back in the running routine. No time to look around, no time to notice details.


  1. So true, when we're busy and exhausted from school all those little incidental details of our home environment become rather blurred.It's a blessing really or we would start to feel quite overwhelmed. We'll have to wait for the next lot of holidays before we can see the detail again more clearly!

  2. I don't mind not seeing - as you say, you'd go mad if you saw all the flaws. If someone is coming over, I start to see things out of place or in need of cleaning (eg kitchen cupboard doors) but I didn't 'see' them before. The great thing about working is knowing you don't have the time to make things perfect around the house.

  3. You are just too busy seeing other things (which are probably of more importance).