Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 283 - It's not Christmas yet!

Hey, it's not Christmas yet! I don't want to see Christmas decorations in early October. Call me a purist, but there's nothing more likely to ruin Christmas spirit than seeing baubles and reindeer for so long that by the time Christmas comes it makes you nauseous. Saw this display through the window of a Bed, Bath & Table shop in the city this morning.

My usual routine was thwarted when I realised Little Collins Street was blocked because of a crane, and I couldn't get into my usual flat rate carpark.

Still, the sun restored my cheerful mood, and I took a few more shots as I walked to my breakfast destination.

A man walked around dressed in his flag.

Peeking into the alley ways is sometimes surprising.

I like the old stuff.

Some trees are yet to grow their leaves.

The florist was just setting up his wares.

I always come back to the Manchester Unity Building. Finally gave up trying to find white plastic jewellery on account of needing to wear something white to an engagement party. Don't make a habit of wearing white.


  1. It was a beautiful Melbourne day wasn't it Tania. Would have been wonderful to spend time in the city today. Great photos; very nice depiction of the city we hail from.

  2. Come in for breakfast one Saturday morning, Jenny. Yes, I love Melbourne too.