Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 299 - Talk about reading

We had a whole staff welfare day today - without the students! That's the welfare part, I think. After our epic information session about Grieving, where we were showered with powerpoint bullets (one teacher actually ended up lying on the floor, sleeping, while others just braved it in a sitting position), I joined a lively discussion about Christos Tsiolkas' The slap, a provocative story about someone slapping somebody else's child at a barbecue. As you probably know, it's not actually about the slap, but a brutally revealing depiction of egotistical, greedy, selfish and petty characters. The book elicits passionate reactions, mainly negative ones. A similarly heated discussion arose after Mr 19's status on Facebook announced he was reading Twilight (ironically, he insists). Have a look at first tuesday book club for information about The slap. Or check out my post.
Today's photo captures a snapshot of some of my old uni reading material. It seems so long ago now. One day I'll re-read all my old stuff. (I have a vague feeling I've taken this photo before. Oh well...)


  1. I have to admit to getting rid of many books because I keep buying new ones. My shelves (and there are many) are full. I guess I have to admit to myself that I will never get around to re-reading as I plow through many books I haven't yet read.
    My book group meets today - we just read Mr. Pip.

  2. I suppose I keep thinking I'll keep up my German and French if I re-read these, but it's probably not going to happen, Susan.