Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 290 - Saturdays in October

I never tire of Saturdays. The violin shop was the last of our series of Saturday destinations. I'll come back to that.
The doughnut van is the first thing I see most Saturday mornings when I arrive at Victoria Market. As long as I remember it's been in the same spot. Note the old-fashioned spelling.

My first stop is at the egg stall. I remember when white eggs were commonly sold, but now you have to look for them. I always get these at Easter time when we colour them.

The outdoor flower stall adds colour to the visual delights of the market.

Bread's good here, and I hope they never get rid of the old signage.

Back to the violin shop, we got a shock when we went to have Mr 16's violin bow rehaired and were told it wasn't worth repairing. The cost of a new bow for his level starts at $1,000. Starts!! A good bow can be $10,000 and up to $20,000. I will now attempt to lift my jaw from the ground.


  1. Lovely series of photos. I play music with a cellist whose bow costs more than her cello. I also find it hard to believe.

  2. Just talking to my wife over dinner about your site. Web 2.0 now allows people to enjoy the seasons the world over. Late fall at my home, wonderful spring in Australia. Thanks for the enjoyment.

  3. It's true, Paul. Fascinating to watch the reflection of our own patterns on the other side of the world.